Barriere perimetrali esterne   

GEMINI are the double lens outdoor barriers of small dimensions, with infrared rays, coded and synchronized.

These perimeter barriers are pre-wired and ready for installation and consist of a transmitter and a receiver unit with 8 selectable digital frequencies.

GEMINI is available in three models, Gemini 30, Gemini 60, and Gemini 100, corresponding to their respective maximum capacities, and can be installed on a pole, wall or placed inside the columns of the TOWER BOX series without additional electronics.

The GEMINI double lens outdoor barriers are sturdy, safe, easy to install, have electronic synchronism and are offered with an absolutely convenient quality / price ratio.

Our perimeter barriers are characterized by high reliability and are therefore suitable for the external protection of villas/mansions, warehouses and building facades.

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Since 2005 MITECH has established itself in Italy and abroad as a leading company in the design, production and sale of external perimeter barriers and intrusion sensors.

The products are manufactured with Made in Italy quality, high reliability, long life, and excellent functionality. The attention paid to innovation and the ability to meet market challenges are the keys to our company's success. Those who choose MITECH choose a product of excellence.

The design and development of new products are managed by our technical staff, able to give strength to winning and innovative ideas which anticipate the future and find application in the most different residential and industrial areas. We also have a massive warehouse capable of satisfying any urgent request.

The range of products is diversified with any kind of ancillaries, ensuring customized solutions for every need. With our team of technicians, we pay a lot of attention to customer care, both for design and for estimates and technical assistance.

The company mission is built for satisfying the customer with the primary objective of ensuring maximum safety and improving the quality of life.

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