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Twin DT


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TWIN DT curtain sensors for windows are triple technology wired motion detectors: 2 infrared and 1 microwave; for this reason it reaches very accurate readings.

These outdoor curtain sensors have been designed to provide optimal perimeter protection by creating a multi-beam barrier that allows you to anticipate intrusion.

These products are equipped with the anti-masking function that detects objects that prevent normal operation, the cover tampering device, the device to prevent tearing from the wall and automatic temperature compensation.

The TWIN DT curtain sensors for windows have a maximum range of 4 meters, are resistant to atmospheric agents and have small dimensions which make them suitable for protecting restricted and well-defined areas such as doors and windows.

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Double technology (2 PIR + 1 MW)
Double anti-masking
12Vdc power supply
Available in white and brown colour
Protection class IP54

Installation Solutions

Door centre solution


Since 2005 MITECH has established itself in Italy and abroad as a leading company in the design, production and sale of external perimeter barriers and intrusion sensors.

The products are manufactured with Made in Italy quality, high reliability, long life, and excellent functionality. The attention paid to innovation and the ability to meet market challenges are the keys to our company's success. Those who choose MITECH choose a product of excellence.

The design and development of new products are managed by our technical staff, able to give strength to winning and innovative ideas which anticipate the future and find application in the most different residential and industrial areas. We also have a massive warehouse capable of satisfying any urgent request.

The range of products is diversified with any kind of ancillaries, ensuring customized solutions for every need. With our team of technicians, we pay a lot of attention to customer care, both for design and for estimates and technical assistance.

The company mission is built for satisfying the customer with the primary objective of ensuring maximum safety and improving the quality of life.

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