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Micro 8


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MICRO 8 is the new mini perimeter barrier with planar microwave and is an absolute and unique novelty on the Microwave Technology market.

This digital anti-theft perimeter barrier has a diameter of only 8 cm, a height of 20 cm, 250 frequencies and a range of 200 mt., while the lobe opening is very narrow. The technology adopted and developed from military security applications has the new generation ultra-compact planar antenna owing to absence of traditional dish.

MICRO 8 detects the presence of an intruder using a high frequency electromagnetic wave system. The energy field generated between the transmitting unit and the receiving unit provides a cigar-shaped volumetric coverage, with a maximum opening in the center of the detection area. The system evaluates the variations in the amplitude of the signal based on the size of the object, the density and the speed of crossing; based on these parameters it is able to recognize the possible presence of intruders.

The MICRO 8 microwave perimeter barrier has a high degree of reliability and is recommended for residential, commercial, industrial complexes, prisons, military sites, and generally for all installations to protect narrow-like length areas.

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Maximum range: 200 m
Planar antenna
(250 programmable channels)
Orizontal lobe width
very narrow
min. 0,6 m - max. 2,4m
Max lobe height
centre 2,5 m
Operating frequency
K band 24.000:24.250 GHz
Ultra compact dimensions
Serial communication RS 485
Protection class IP65

Installation Solutions

With pole fixing
With wall mounting


The Micro 8 mini column is standard-supplied with brackets for fixing to a pole or for wall mounting. The following accessories are available:

dual power supply 12 Vdc - 1.5 Ah 24 Vac - 2.0 Ah

pole with base 20x20 for ground fixing, H. 200 cm


Since 2005 MITECH has established itself in Italy and abroad as a leading company in the design, production and sale of external perimeter barriers and intrusion sensors.

The products are manufactured with Made in Italy quality, high reliability, long life, and excellent functionality. The attention paid to innovation and the ability to meet market challenges are the keys to our company's success. Those who choose MITECH choose a product of excellence.

The design and development of new products are managed by our technical staff, able to give strength to winning and innovative ideas which anticipate the future and find application in the most different residential and industrial areas. We also have a massive warehouse capable of satisfying any urgent request.

The range of products is diversified with any kind of ancillaries, ensuring customized solutions for every need. With our team of technicians, we pay a lot of attention to customer care, both for design and for estimates and technical assistance.

The company mission is built for satisfying the customer with the primary objective of ensuring maximum safety and improving the quality of life.

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