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Made in Italy


Garden and Tower Magnus


GARDEN and TOWER MAGNUS are the company’s top-of-the-range products. They are dual technology perimeter columns that guarantee maximum security protection thanks to the combined use of infrared beams and new-generation planar microwaves.

This solution provides perimeter protection with coverage of up to 100 metres and a minimum lobe aperture, making the use of microwaves much easier and more effective.

GARDEN and TOWER MAGNUS are resistant to hostile environments (wind, fog and humidity) and are also resistant to cold temperatures, since they are fitted with an interior automatic thermostat heating device.
These columns are designed to adequately protect large and small outdoor perimeters and can be used in very different areas.

They are ideal for protecting residential areas (villas and homes), commercial areas (shops, supermarkets, hotels and shopping centres), industrial areas (companies, factory buildings and warehouses) and sensitive sites (photovoltaic fields, electric power plants, refineries, prisons and civil and military airports) and anywhere where a high level of security is required.

GARDEN and TOWER MAGNUS are available in a terminal and a bi-directional version, which are easy to install and align.


Maximum range: 100 m
Lobe opening 1.2 m
Planar antenna (250 programmable channels)
Operating frequency K band 24.000:24.250 GHz
Serial communication RS 485
Protection class IP65

Installation Solutions

Solution with bi-directional columns
Solution with terminal columns
Solution with bi-directional and terminal columns


Tower and Garden Magnus columns are standard-supplied with a base for ground fixing or, upon request, for wall fixing.
The following accessories are available:

GAR GR base for ground fixing 200 x 210 mm Ø 33 cm - STANDARD

GAR WL base for wall mounting 200 x 210 mm Ø 33 cm - UPON REQUEST

GAR POW dual power supply 12 Vdc - 1.5 Ah 24 Vac - 2.0 Ah

GAR LAMP Globe light fixture with lamp holder (E27) Diameter: 32 cm Available colours: white (WH) and cognac (CO)

LUMYA Embedded light fixture (white colour) with lamp holder Height: 25 cm - E27

TW PRCAP anti-climbing cap

TW CAMCAP universal camera support