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Made in Italy


Garden and Tower IR


GARDEN and TOWER IR are active infrared columns for perimeter protection. Available in a bidirectional or terminal version, they are the most reliable and versatile to be found on the market.

The device comprises a transmitter unit that sends an encoded sequence of infrared beams that are detected by all receivers, thus activating an alarm when a body comes between the transmitter and the receiver.

GARDEN and TOWER IR are fitted with stable optical synchronism that allows considerable savings in terms of labour and time compared with using line synchronism.

These columns are recommended for withstanding harsh environments and weather conditions such as: ice, fog and humidity. They have a built-in automatic temperature control device and a disqualification system. Their sturdy aluminium and polycarbonate structure also allow them to withstand strong gusts of wind.

Active infrared columns have been specifically designed for outdoor applications and are ideal for protecting fences and perimeters at high-risk and private, commercial, industrial, public and military sites.

This model features excellent functionality, a long range and user-friendly installation.


Maximum range: 100 m
Crossed infrared beams
Optical synchronism
Pre-wired and ready for installation
Protection class IP65

Installation Solutions

Solution with bi-directional columns
Solution with terminal columns
Solution with bi-directional and terminal columns


The Tower IR column is standard-supplied with a base for ground fixing or, upon request, for wall mounting.
The following accessories are available:

GAR GR base for ground fixing 200 x 210 mm Ø 33 cm - STANDARD

GAR WL base for wall mounting 200 x 210 mm Ø 33 cm - UPON REQUEST

GAR POW dual power supply 12 Vdc - 1.5 Ah 24 Vac - 2.0 Ah

GAR LAMP Globe light fixture with lamp holder (E27) Diameter: 32 cm Available colours: white (WH) and cognac (CO)

LUMYA Embedded light fixture (white colour) with lamp holder Height: 25 cm - E27

TW PRCAP anti-climbing cap

TW CAMCAP universal surveillance camera support