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Made in Italy



FOSTER is an infrared beam perimeter barrier with active crossed infrared beams designed to protect outdoor areas, featuring compact dimensions, attractive design, high reliability and guaranteed security.

Due to its innovative features and sophisticated technological content, it belongs to the top-end product range but it is available at truly unrivalled value for money.

These barriers are pre-wired, ready for installation and comprise a transmitter unit that emits an encoded sequence of infrared beams that are detected by all receiver units.

FOSTER is available in a single or double lens version and in various heights. It can be installed on a pole or wall-mounted and used in combination with the TOWER and GARDEN IR columns.

In a sturdy aluminium and polycarbonate structure, FOSTER incorporates an automatic temperature control device that eliminates the formation of condensation, dew, humidity and ice to achieve effective detection outdoors. In addition, the presence of fog is managed by a special disqualification function.

The device is particularly ideal for protecting factory buildings, villas, homes, photovoltaic fields and much more.


Maximum range: 100 m
Optical synchronism
Pre-wired and ready for installation
Crossed beams
Protection class IP65

Installation Solutions

Solution with pole fixing 1
Solution with pole fixing 2
Solution with wall mounting
Solution combined with infrared bidirectional columns


The following accessories are available:

GAR POW dual power supply 12 Vdc - 1.5 Ah 24 Vac - 2.0 Ah

FTN PL pole with base 20x20 for ground fixing, H. 200 cm

FTN SUP pole fixing kit

FTN WL bracket for wall mounting