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Mitech Beats Hackers By Boosting Cyber Security


MITECH has recently reported that it has suffered more than 50,000 monthly attacks on its corporate website by hackers, who have messed up some pages presenting products and services, especially in the English version.

Hacker attack to the company site


We inform you that in recent days MITECH website has suffered several hacker attacks. This violation has messed up some descriptive pages of the products and services, especially in the English language version.

Company Summer break from 10 - 21 August


The MITECH offices will be closed for the summer break from 10 - 21 August.

Resilience and reaction to relaunch business after the crisis


The crisis caused by Covid 19 has made us understand that value creation mechanisms can only be recovered with the companies’ strong and cohesive reaction.

MITECH: Everything Will Be Fine


Despite the current emergency due to the measures imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we would like to inform you that our company is fully operational and that our production activities are continuing in order to ensure the regular execution of orders.

MICRO 8: a successful product thanks to mitech technology


It has taken time, dedication. It has been worth it! The results achieved have rewarded MITECH's perseverance, commitment and investment in developing a new ultra-compact mini barrier with a diameter of just 8 cm and a height of 20 cm.