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Resilience and reaction to relaunch business after the crisis

The crisis caused by Covid 19 has made us understand that value creation mechanisms can only be recovered with the companies’ strong and cohesive reaction.

This situation can have heavy consequences on business but can also represent the beginning of great opportunities. For instance, difficulties will force us to initiate restructuring processes, oversee customer relations, speed up strategic decisions that we would normally have adopted more slowly and that we are now prepared to support as demonstrations of company vitality and dynamism and renewed will to succeed in the markets.

We will have to adjust behaviours, choices and actions to resilience requirements that can offer us sustainability in the months to come. In fact, it is not about absorbing a shock, but about fighting and overcoming difficulties of all kinds for a prolonged period.

MITECH has used this time to plan its future, trying to understand how to redirect operations, investment choices, business strategies and new product development.

Right from the start of the crisis, we have endeavoured to meet and complete the orders in our order book, both to enhance stocks and materials and to be immediately ready for recovery. We have adjusted our orders of raw materials and electronic components to deal with the new projects in advanced development. We have re-evaluated all our activities, including those regarding forms of diversification and conversion.

MITECH will involve co-operators and partners in the search for ideas and solutions, without losing sight of its corporate values and the quality of its relations.

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