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MICRO 8: a successful product thanks to mitech technology

It has taken time, dedication, patience and courage. It has been worth it! The results achieved have rewarded MITECH’s perseverance, commitment and investment in developing a new ultra-compact mini barrier with a diameter of just 8 cm and a height of 20 cm.

When the MICRO 8 was first sold (last spring), the market immediately embraced its technological and innovative content, and orders have continued to increase from national and international customers.

The new mini digital microwave barrier is a further example of the company’s production philosophy, which is based on the art of innovation with its special features of maximum reliability, cutting-edge research and the ability to anticipate market trends and needs. The device is an absolute and unique innovation for the sector, with a very narrow horizontal lobe aperture, a maximum range of 200 metres and 250 selectable frequencies. It uses next-generation planar technology of military origin.

Precisely because of its structural and operational features, the mini-barrier has also attracted the attention of institutions and judicial authorities.

MICRO 8 is a multi-faceted, high-performance and user-friendly product, with an attractive design and guaranteed security. Consequently, it is recommended for protecting residential, industrial and business complexes, sensitive sites such as barracks, military bases, airports, prisons, embassies, and, in general, where it is necessary to protect large areas such as power plants and photovoltaic fields.

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