Columns to External

ADVANTAGE FEATURES of the outdoor Barrier Beam Columns

  • High Reliability guaranteed by Made in Italy – State of the Art Technology.
  • Modern and Descreet Design.
  • Solid internal aluminum core to ensure maximum structural stability to withstand strong windy conditions.
  • Top end Lighting application for camouflaging the Column as Lamp Post (GARDEN model)
  • Latest generation Planar Antenna type from Military technology (250channel 2Ghz frequency range)
  • Multiplexing Cross Ray infrared technology
  • High Performance for guaranteed functionality for drastic temperature weather agents from as low as -40C° to maximum +75C° , fog, humidity and rain can be managed due to Thermosetting and signal control default systems
  • Pet Immunity system by lowest beam ray elimination
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Full compliance of electronic EU standards under Rohs 2011/65/UE