New micro 8 barrier

MICRO 8 is the new, powerful and hyper-technological, digital miniature microwave barrier that is an absolute novelty for the outdoor perimeter protection sector.

The unique features of this device make it one of the most reliable, safe, super-performing and efficient intrusion detectors available on the market today.

MICRO 8, with a diameter of only 8 cm and a very narrow lobe opening, guarantees a maximum range of more than 200 m.

It uses next-generation planar technology, of military origin, with very compact dimensions especially thanks to the absence of a bulky and out-dated parabola.

It operates with a high-frequency electromagnetic beam of waves, sent by a transmitter to a receiver, which creates an invisible and extremely sensitive barrier. The system evaluates the variations in the signal width depending on the size of the object crossing the beam of waves, its density and crossing speed. An analysis of these parameters reveals the actual presence of intruders.

NUOVA MICRO 8 is recommended for industrial, residential, business, prison and military complexes, and in general for all applications where large spaces need to be protected.

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